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Minute Traders is an online marketplace for buying & selling wholesale AZ VoIP termination routes.

Buy termination routes from wholesale national and international VoIP providers, or sell your VoIP/TDM routes (A-Z) to a worldwide audience. Our web-based marketplace directly connects telecom providers with termination carriers rapidly, securely and efficiently.


Any small, medium or large telecom operator, VoIP service provider or any business looking at reducing their phone bill.


  1. Register and select your membership

  2. Join trading rooms or create your own

  3. Add your routes (desired or on offer)

  4. Receive bids from carriers (or purchase orders from buyers)

  5. Proceed for Transaction payment

  6. Interconnect with the carrier

  7. Provide feedback

Alternatively you can:

    » Proactively search
    You can proactively search for existing trading rooms

    » Wait for route notifications (trader membership only)
    As a trader, you can subscribe to notifications and define alerts when certain routes reach a specific volume or bidding price.

    » Wait for invitations
    Sellers or Buyers can invite you to join their trading room.


Some of the unique advantages are:

    » neutral online exchange

    » "just-in-time" purchase

    » carrier ratings

    » no traffic based fees

    » access to many networks

    » collective purchase


Telecom marketplaces rarely provide a fully interactive environment where buyers can challenge sellers to provide their best price.

Moreover, buyers with small buying capacity can rarely benefit from discounted prices based on bulk orders, specially in the telecom minute business.

We know how difficult it is to find quality routes and trust-able carriers so that's why, Minutetraders provides a trading platform to leverage buyers abilities and bring suppliers into a common place to compete against each other.

This platform, by acting as a dynamic broker, facilitates interaction between buyers and suppliers.

What Minutetraders has to offer :
  • public or private trading rooms
  • community based rating & feedback
  • large choice of VoIP networks
  • MS Lync federation
  • collective purchase
  • reverse auction
  • and many more...

Here's a quick overwiew of what you'll see :

Subscribe to route feeds, create trading rooms, buy/sell A to Z routes and so on.

As a Seller, Minutetraders provides an environment where Buyers come prepared to buy.

As a Buyer, you will be provided with comprehensive information about the Seller, who is committed to sell at the best price.

Soon, we'll add more tools available from the Desktop, and progressively enhance features.

We invite you to discover ! We look forward to your feedback and will be listening to your suggestions.


Accounts are available by invitation only right now, because we are trying to control growth and test the concept. Sign up here to register your interest.

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